National and international tax consultancy

Laris offers consultancy and support in order to enable correct tax planning for private individuals, families, business and national and international groups, in drawing up the relative returns as well as in cases involving intercantonal and/or international relations. 
Laris is able to manage issues relating to the application of double taxation treaties and other international treaties for clients with international relations.
It establishes whether or not clients are under a duty to register for VAT (value added tax) and attends to the filing of regular returns both nationally and with the European authorities. In some cases it will also be able to act as a tax representative.
It assists its clients in relation to the application of taxes on donations and succession cases, including the drawing up of succession inventories.
It represents taxpayers in all disputes with the tax authorities through to the highest courts.
It assists clients in making voluntary declarations to the competent authorities.
It offers services relating to federal and cantonal stamp duty.