Company, values and mission

Laris Fiduciaria has been present in Lugano since 1988 with an international focus to its operations. Its services have changed over the years, evolving and improving in line with changes in society, market requirements and the needs of its own clients. The company works with a network of dynamic correspondents in Switzerland and abroad.

Expertise and professional training in the area of national and international taxation, accounting, management and business consultancy are core drivers for the growth of the company and the wider Laris Group.
“People are the real capital, not cash”

The service offered to clients must represent an investment and not a cost: it has to pay for itself. In other words, our services need to achieve cost savings. This means that they must above all seek to optimise all costs and immediately identify solutions.

The Laris Group currently employs more than 25 staff, including managers.

The level of specialisation developed over the years is high, thanks to the qualification of company managers and staff as a whole, all of whom engage in continuous professional development. This means that each mandate will be treated by consultants with specific experience and professional qualifications.

Right since the start, the company has been increasingly able to assert its image as a dedicated, reliable and loyal company and has constantly expanding its client portfolio, which had made it an excellent point of reference within its sector.

Finally, the particular importance placed on human contact and the establishment of client relationships that are marked by solid reciprocal trust is without doubt a key pillar in the approach of Laris Group.